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    My ideas to make the server more balanced and fun to play .



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    My ideas to make the server more balanced and fun to play .

    Post  Jade on Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:52 pm

    I think first the server needs to be a littel balanced.( some Changes that is )

    1. Make a Quest for the GOD set so that every player can enjoy the full powers like the donars. But make sure the items that are needed to make the GOD set are obtained through hard work. ( some hard items that is )You can even make it like only once the players have done the race system quest they will be allowed to do this GOD set Quest. This way players wont feel they are underpowered. they will be equal to the donars

    2. Removing Incantation Samurai / Samurai Specter from the server.This is because every sin x have this card i think so...And it makes other classes a little underpowered. Like it makes no used of your vit , You have more Hp But that Hp is not enough to survive the Damage you get , and in kRO the latest patch the endless tower the Incantation Samurai / Samurai Specter card is disabled due to this reason.

    3. Make the Beelzebub card only one time use, Like you can make 2 cards at the same time and use which makes cast reduction lower to 60 % , which is kinda unbalanced because its a MVP drop due to the hard work in killing the mvp the Beelzebub card Quest is implemented. But make it one time use Or Lower the Reduction of the card like 15 % ,So 2 Cards means 30 % which comes to original casting reduced given by the Beelzebub card in offical servers.

    4. There is a UC Bug in the server,And there are some bugs in the mall items too .I like fathin to check it.

    5. Thanatos / Memory of Thanatos Quest is implemented in the server , But there is a another way which i found out in some servers. its like make the Thanatos Spawn in thana boss map every 2 Hours automaticaly like other MVPs . Make it spawn every 2 hours only if you remove the Incantation Samurai Card from the server.(Just a little idea :p)

    6. Implement more Quest which are not Overpowering the server.

    This is my view of the changes that can make the server more Balanced and fun to play.
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    just a bit of tweak

    Post  Theos on Sun Mar 15, 2009 2:23 pm

    its pretty good but it needs a bit of tweak.

    Like The Only way to get Beelzebub card is through MVP hunt NOTHING ELSE!Thats balanced. People bot mostly, so what one has to do is bot in Clock Tower lol.
    Second thing I will suggest to reduce the Def given by GOD set. even if you dont refine it gives pretty high def. Hence the chars who dont hve GOD SET they are assholes in front of GOD SET!.Thridly the spwan of MVPs should be timed two hours for every MVP and all MVPs should b made available NO QUEST. huh? Why i say this?Some MVPs quest require a party of 6-7 players to complete the quest and as the server population is low its not necessary that every char gets taht party to complete the quest.Moreover  i heard Wind scroll has been Disabled WTF!!. I NEED EXPLANATION.WTF were you thinking fathin?if its coz that Orc type are Wind property, then why not remove every scroll?!if thats so then remove each and every scroll lol. Every Race is of a particular type. lolDude you are SPOILING (i insist spoiling) the game play.And yeah, without Fixing UC bug its no fun woeing lol. Everytime you hve to jsut UC to prevent your chars from dieing and Distrupting the gameplay, formations, defence and what not lol.Thats what we call Gayness!Moreover what you can do is Keep rotation of the castles =). Like Saturady Kreimheld then Sunday Sacred Altar. Dude give some variations =Pand oh forgot REMOVE HAMACHI and SERVER LAGS LIKE HELL IN WOE.
    GM Fathin

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    Wind scrool not removed

    Post  GM Fathin on Sun Mar 15, 2009 6:15 pm

    i had posted abt tht uc thing in eathena..
    reply was its not a bug its der in all chrc relogin uc gets refresh-its nt a bug..i have done the rest...beerz and god quest will be doing l8r after exams


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    Re: My ideas to make the server more balanced and fun to play .

    Post  angelica on Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:44 pm

    remove hamachi it feels odd if removed i will bring new players... and it will defenately attract new players

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    Re: My ideas to make the server more balanced and fun to play .

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