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    Race System - Download

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    Race System - Download

    Post  GM Fathin on Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:18 pm

    Players with max levels (99/70) will get to choose among 6 Races to reborn to. When done with the initial level requirement, speak with the Etherian Angel in Prontera to get warped to the Etherian Temple.
    Inside the Temple, there are 6 Race Masters to choose from. Namely:

    Race: Dark Elf
    Element: Dark
    Abilities: Immense Magical Power and Defense
    against Physical Attacks
    Weakness: Poor in Magical Defense

    Race: Light Elf
    Element: Earth
    Abilities: Critical Rate, Physical Defense and Perfect Dodge
    Weakness: Poor in Magic Defense

    Race: Holy Avenger
    Element: Holy
    Abilities: Incredible Magical Power, Magic Defense
    and Physical Defense
    Weakness: Low HP and Slow HP Recovery

    Race: Marine Warrior
    Element: Water
    Abilities: Amazing Movement Speed, Hit and Attack Speed
    Weakness: Poor in Magic Power and Defense

    Race: Orc Assassin
    Element: Wind
    Abilities: Incredible Physical Prowess and Physical Defense
    Weakness: Poor in Movement Speed, Attack Speed,
    Magical Defense and Perfect Dodge

    Race: Dragon Slayer(Yet To Come)
    Element: Fire
    Abilities: Great Magical Defense and Power
    Weakness: Poor in Physical Defense

    After choosing a Race you would like to be ascended from, you will have to complete the quest which the Race Master asks you.

    When you've completed the quest, bring all the requirements to the Master and then, he will ask you to proceed to Etheria, the God of Afterlife to complete your ascension.

    Etheria will then reborn you to Novice High and will give you an Accessory which will be the source of you new powers.

    Remember that when you reborn as a Novice High, you will still transcend into your original Class.

    Dark Elf Orb Fragment - Geographer Drop
    Light Elf Orb Fragment - Lesavka Drop
    Holy Avenger Orb Fragment - Poring Drop
    Marine Warrior Orb Fragment - Marina Drop
    Orc Assassin Orb Fragment - Orc lady Drop
    Dragon Slayer Orb Fragment - Lava Golem Drop

    The Great Battle of the Races

    In the beginning of time, there was only one known Race; the Human Race. When the Humans learned to control nature and its elements, new sets of Races emerged. The Elf Race appeared ascended from the element of Earth.

    Elves have a lot of similarities with the Humans when it comes to personality and character. They both love peace and enjoy their freedom and learned how to cooperate with each other.

    Even though Elves and Humans have a lot in common, they also have their differences. Because of the Humans’ wit and knowledge, they perform better with tasks needed in their day-to-day lives whilst the Elves are not so gifted with this ability. Though, this is not a problem with the Elves, since they have their own advantages over the Humans like their immense capability in the arts of combat.

    But with the emerging of the Elves, everybody knows that disaster is just waiting to happen. And yes, disaster came. Without everybody else’s knowledge, a group of Elves studied Black Magic and obtain powers of the Dark Arts. Their original plan was to destroy the Human Race so that, the Elves would live by themselves without any Humans disturbing them.

    But this group of Elves got greedy and planned to take over the world. When the Elven Masters found out about these traitors, they banished them away from their land forever. This tragic event caused the division of the Elf Race. The exiled Elves continued their search for more power of the Dark Arts and were then known to be the Dark Elf Race and the Elves who stayed loyal became the Light Elf Race.

    Etheria, the Goddess of the Afterlife observed from the heavens and didn’t like what she was seeing. But she swore not to interfere with the flow of nature, at least not now.

    The elements of Fire, Water and Wind watched what was happening with great interest. One day, they spoke with Etheria and asked for bodies so they could help bring peace to the world and stop the Dark Elves from their transgression. Etheria thought it was time to break her promise to herself and do something about what was going on in the world she loved so dearly.

    The Wind element became the Orc Assassin Race. Like the Elves, they are physically capable of great strength but with their powerfully built physique, they have the disadvantage of speed and agility and are inferior in fast-paced combats.

    Dragon Slayers born from the element of Fire are masters of the Arts of Magic. But with the years of training and studying the Mystical Arts, they failed to develop their defensive skills, thus, they’re inferior when it comes to physical combats.

    With its rapid flow and nature that can easily adapt on its surroundings, the Water element which gave birth to the Marine Warrior Race, became the masters of speed and agility. Although they lack in physical and magical powers, they use their speed to their own advantage against their enemies.

    Etheria was so glad of the balance she had created that she can’t help but smile to herself. The Holy Avengers who are considered as the Etherian Warriors watched their God with great pride and happiness in their hearts.

    But as all of these are going on, the banished Dark Elves became more powerful by the minute as they master the Dark Arts. And when the day comes that they finally declare war to take over the world as we know, everything in their path will be destroyed.

    And yes, the day Etheria and everyone else are loathing for finally came. The Dark Elves who mastered the Black Magic attacked every village of every Race. They focused their attacks on the Dragon Slayers for they don’t want other Races to master the Arts of Magic. They wanted to become the only master of the Mystical Arts.

    And this is the beginning of the Great Battle of the Races. Originally, all four elements are fighting to stop the Dark Elves and protect the Humans but when they obtained body and wit that ascended from the Human Race, they also acquired some of the Humans’ personality and character, such as greed and thirst of power.

    The once peaceful cooperation among the four Races to battle against evil changed. They learned to fight for themselves and only for themselves. This disgusted Etheria so she gave them a lesson and let them suffer against the Dark Elves. When everything was torn apart and destroyed by the tragic war and the Dark Elves thought they’ve won, Etheria finally sent her warriors to the rescue.

    The Holy Avengers came down from the heavens and fought the Dark Elves and finally bring peace to the world. The Dark Elves fled and sworn that it isn’t over yet.

    When everything was peaceful and the war is finally over, Etheria and her Holy Avengers let the other Races realize their mistakes and ponder what they have done wrong which led to their defeat. When you have the wrong intentions to win a war, and battle for the sake of greed, you can never win.

    As they repent over their faults, they help each other into bringing peace back and restoring the once beautiful land which was all destroyed by the tragedy. If there’s anything good, the war produced, it was the realization that greed won’t get you anywhere but trouble.

    The Great Battle of the Races has ended and once again, good triumphed over evil. But for the Dark Elves, they have won the war and they’ll be back. And when they come back, they will make sure that everything, including the Holy Avengers will be destroyed because the Great Battle of the Races is far from over.

    Download The Race System Update Must
    Download Race System

    once you download replace the data file with old data file

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    Re: Race System - Download

    Post  WaRGuRu on Sat Mar 14, 2009 1:27 pm

    wats this new stuff???
    was busy this days so never had chance to visit FINT.... i am hoping to re-join today Very Happy cheers
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    Re: Race System - Download

    Post  Anees Ahmad on Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:54 pm

    i think this race system will be included in the roadside ro version2 (25mb)!!!
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    Re: Race System - Download

    Post  GM Fathin on Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:17 pm

    its inculeded in 25mb

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    Re: Race System - Download

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