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    Homunculus Quest ~~Help~~!!


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    Homunculus Quest ~~Help~~!!

    Post  WaRGuRu on Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:36 am

    the site i have referred for homunculus quest :

    the snaps below will make u identify the real prob~~!!

    the quest is as follows :

    If you want to get homunculus for your alchemist or biochemist, you should first do this quest to gain the Bioethics passive skill. Homunculus could help you ii your battles, pvp or pvm or they could just be your constant companion in exploring Ragnarok Online. You can choose from any four homunculus - Filir, Lif, Amistr and Vanilmirth.

    Reward: Bioethics passive skill - Allows Alchemist to begin learning the Homunculus Skill Tree

    Item Requirements: - sold at Lighthalzen shop. Go inside the Lighthalzen store then head to the second floor.

    * Geek glasses
    * Grandpa’s Beard

    Homunculus Quest

    1. Go to the Upper Left Building of Lighthalzen.

    2. Head to the left most part of the first floor. Proceed to the north until you find the Rekenber Guard. Wear your geek glasses and grandpa’s beard before talking to him or else he won’t let you in.

    3. Enter the north portal, there you will find bunch of alchemist and scientist. At the north part of the room, talk to Kellasus (lhz_in01 224,140) until he mentions about the Homunculus. But he won’t teach you yet.

    4. At the east part, talk to the guy named Skrajiad (lhz_in01 225,122). He’ll talk to you about Vaporize. You have to remember this because Kellasus would this later.

    5. Continue the quest by talking to Keshibien (lhz_in01 204,138). He’ll tell you on how to summon a Homunculus from an embryo. He’ll also ask you to go see Bringel at the Lightalzen Hotel.

    6. Head to the Lighthalzen Hotel. You can find Bringel (lhz_in02 269,273) inside the bar. He’ll tell you how you can resurrect your homunculus when it dies.

    7. Go back to Kellasus. He’ll now ask you questions about Homunculus. The answers are: 1. Vaporize 2. Embryo 3. Homunculus Resurrection. Even if you key in the correct answers, he still won’t tell you about Homunculus.

    8. Go to Kellasus’ house at north part of Lighthalzen. Inside, talk to his son Golin (lhz_in03 106,34). His son will tell you how much he misses his dad.

    9. Go back to Kellasus, you’ll tell him that you’ve met his son. By now, he’ll give you the Bioethics skill and you are now done with the Homunculus quest. You can now summon any Homunculus using Embryo.

    and the snaps i tooked : (refer step 2)

    GM Fathin

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    Re: Homunculus Quest ~~Help~~!!

    Post  GM Fathin on Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:01 pm

    You are wearing Purple glass instead of geek

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    Re: Homunculus Quest ~~Help~~!!

    Post  WaRGuRu on Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:37 pm

    yea so foolish of me lol! lol! lol! Laughing Laughing

    i got the skill anyways... thnx fathin

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    Post  peed on Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:41 pm

    war guru its nice to see like screnies there but why dont u crete ur own quest data base and post in forums that may help guys to do quest and at last quote the web site u hab used coz u hab explained very wel enough i hope mainly get lithalzen quest then sme other quest and all trans special quest skills quest

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    Re: Homunculus Quest ~~Help~~!!

    Post  WaRGuRu on Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:12 pm


    i will try my best~~!!

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    Re: Homunculus Quest ~~Help~~!!

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